Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New thing...

Guess it's due to the new chemo? Had a bandage over the leaking hole (from the parencentesis)... started coming loose... When Joe took it off, it took skin. Owie baby! I doctored him up, unconventionally... but it's working, and no tape.

Surgery for the port and valve are tomorrow. Hopefully Dr. West will have an alternative to sticky bandages and tape for the boo-boos... (*"*)


tlc313 said...

Hi Susan,
My prayers are with you. I did a little research on the bandages and if you already know all this then I apologise. Here is something I found on removing the bandage easier.

Step 1
Lessen the pain when removing a bandage by applying a warm compress. Or spread baby oil or vegetable oil over and around the bandage with a cotton ball. The oil will also remove the adhesive left on the skin.

Step 2
To remove a bandage from a wound that should not get wet, blow hot air from a hair dryer on the tape for a few seconds. This softens the adhesive and makes it easier to remove the bandage.

Step 3
Look in the drugstore for an oil-based adhesive remover if there's a lot of bandaging going on in your household.

This is a bandage I found that may be work for Joe too.

Curad Sensitive Skin Sensitive Skin Adhesive Bandages, Regular Size 30 eaOuchless®

Gentle on Your Skin
Flexible Fabric
30 Sterile Adhesive Bandages
3/4 x 2 1/2 in (19x65 mm)

Curad Sensitive Skin bandages are hypoallergenic and very gentle on your skin.

Absorbent non-stick pad is ouchless to remove.
Innovative hypoallergenic adhesive stays on longer without irritating the skin.
Breathable fabric stretches with your skin.
Seals wounds on all 4 sides
Protects from germs & dirt
Curad®. We Help Heal.

I hope this may be something that helps. If there is something I can do or you need someone else to talk to then leave me a email.

God Bless always,

Buggie_Girl said...

the nurses told us use the paper tape. it doesn't have the adhesive like a band-aid type bandage. i think the ones we had had a bit of super adhesive, since the guys are rough on their boo-boos, so needed something that would really stick.

thanks for all the good info tho! never know when we might need to use it...

you're a sweetie! hugs, susan