Thursday, April 1, 2010

WHERE did March go???

Mercy! The month flew right outta' here!

It was a good month tho... after all the bad beginning... Joe's had no other real issues with the diarrhea... We've been using the Welchol and Imodium as a preventative starting a few days before treatment, and IT'S WORKING! Not to say he doesn't get a little loose every now and again, but we know to stay on top of things and not let it get out of control again. UGH! Do NOT want to have to go through that EVER again! I still need to borrow my mom's shampooer. Not pretty!

All in all, Joe's doing really well... He's back to working full time. Now and again, he'll miss a day... or a few hours... but he's doing really great, all things considered. God really reached down and touched him for sure. January into February... February into March... we weren't sure he was going to make it. Seriously... he was one sick puppy. Mood-wise, he wasn't there either. He was ready to die, or just hang everything up and go on disability.

Coming out of the hospital tho, he had a renewed zest for life... a new determination to get back to work... We'd kept Chase a couple of weekends ago, and they got out and were building some really good memories for the both of them... We worked out in the yard, and Joe was taking time with him... helping him do "man" stuff... "they" jump-started the lawn mower... rode into town together for gas (that's the FIRST time Joe's ever really had Chase BY HIMSELF!). Came back and it was starting to sprinkle, but, by golly, the boy was wanting to drive the mower, so Joe gassed it up and off they went... Chase steering and Joe operating the gas and brakes (thank goodness... Chase is a good driver, but he could get a little out of hand if he was doing ALL the driving!). They really had a good time together. And they both needed that Poppaw/Peanut time. We get past this pollen season, I think Poppaw plans to take his Peanut fishing. I plan to go along... just to supervise a bit. I know how MY Papaw watched MY boys around the water... Josh got off in the pond and was muck and mire... LOL!

Anyway... Praise be to God... things are so unbelievably better! I have renewed faith that we can maybe actually BEAT this thing again. Good news... it's such a wonderful thing!!!


玉苓 said...

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tlc313 said...

Happy Easter Susan, I am so glad that Joe is doing well and I pray that he will continue to do so. I hope you two have a wonderful Easter, we are suppose to have a good day weatherwise then we have rain starting tomorrow for the next few days. It must be getting very warm where you are, it has been warm here. Well, enjoy your day with your family and take care. You are in my prayers.


Buggie_Girl said...

We DID have a good Easter, even tho we had our 5:30 AM visit to the ER... Sunny, warm... lots of good food and family...

Weather-wise, it's been hot, Hot, HOT!!! 90* and near 90* days. Some rain tonight... maybe tomorrow... then some more Spring-like temps. I can't handle that much heat that early on. Hoping the rain will do away with some of the pollen build-up. It seems to have settled some, but "they" say don't expect it to be over yet... ugh!

Hope everything is well with both of you and yours. Prayers are much, much appreciated! Hugs, Susan