Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good golly!

What a difference just a few days make! (have I said that before?)

We're back in the hospital... have been since Monday. Things were going so good for a couple of weeks and then... here we go again!

I got a bit ticked Monday when Doc G came in and Joe said something... Doc said, "Well, if you would have come in like we wanted you to..." Well, we both told him, Joe went for labs Thursday, and we waited for somebody to call us Friday, ALL DAY! and nobody did. THEN Saturday Joe called and got his dad to call in orders for hydration and whatever else was needed. Couldn't tell if Doc was aggravated with us, or with his staff.

Well, today, the PA came in. I'm getting really tired of her. She's got a bit of an attitude that she's doing us a favor or something... Joe was talking to her about the different meds he's on, and she made some snarky comment about IF he'd come in like he was told... but no... he wanted to go to Roper Berkeley (close to home) for labs... which SHE doubted he even did... Oh man... if she'd not have been walking out the door when she said that.

I don't know HOW to get through to these people... we have no freakin' money! We're behind on our home equity loan... being threatened with foreclosure... We weren't able to pay our taxes for '09 on the house yet, so that's going to be more money we've got to come up with before the end of the year... Joe's getting $200 a week in short term disability... when the idiots up in Rock Hill get the info to the lady at STD... It took 3 weeks to get the last check! We should have one this week from last week, but... the dingbat that's supposed to call Kathy with the info apparently didn't... and now tomorrow is another week... we won't have a paycheck. We don't have the flippin' money to be driving downtown every time they want labs. They can call in orders and THEN if Joe needs to come in... CALL!

Joe told Dr. G about Gloria tonight when he came by. Dr. G said, "Well, we can't go by labs that are hours old..." Why not? if they were bad 2-3-10 hours ago, chances are, they're NOT going to be getting better... Call and say, "Your numbers were off from the labs last night... you need to come on down and let us get you fixed up." Done.

BS... I'm sorry, but I've so had it with all of this. Don't need to worry about the cancer killing Joe. The cure is going to. I can tell you, I'm going to have to bite my tongue in half tomorrow if the PA comes in again. We are NOT stupid people... Don't treat us like we are. She used the same dumb act on our friend, Charlie, about her Coumadin... "Oh... this is the first I've heard about this..." Liar. Charlie had talked to her... to Doc G... to the doc's aid... for nearly 2 months!

Before Joe has chemo again, the doctor has to come up with a different plan of attack. This stuff can't go on anymore. Joe may as well just go off the chemo and die a "natural" death. Insane...

Well, enough for now. They'll be in again shortly to give him more meds... check his blood sugar (that's the new thing... with the TPN (nutrition in a bag... looks like Mountain Dew), the blood sugar can go up... which means he has to get insulin shots, on top of everything else... and shots to keep his blood thin... and shots for the diarrhea... and pills out the ying yang...). I've got to get ready for bed so I can be able to get up with him during the night, if need be.

Just keep the prayers coming, if you would... need to get over this bump in the road... again... (*"*)


tlc313 said...

Hi Susan, Are you hanging in there ok? I don't blame you one bit for wanting to stay local to have blood work done, I do the same thing myself. I have insurance through the government because I have not been able to work due to a car accident. Even though it is through the government they still offer transportation reimbursement and it doesn't matter if I drive myself. They will even take me there and back if I cannot drive myself. Is it possible that your insurance may have something like that? That would be a great benefit since you have to drive so far and it maybe something that has not been told to you. I know I didn't know about mine for a few years and I was going to a Dr that took a hour to get there, not sure on the miles- lol. Well I hope Joe starts feeling better so you can get back home, I know this is stressful and emotionally draining on you both. Take care of yourself and your in my prayers.


TommyStark0109佩政 said...

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Buggie_Girl said...

Didn't want you to think I was ignoring you, Terri.

I'm not sure about reimbursement for travel. Pretty sure not, being as we have a case manager within our insurance company, who I would THINK would alert us to something like that.

Typically, we would tally up and take the mileage off when we filed our taxes, but we've been doing standard, not itemizing... And that doesn't help at the time, if you know what I mean.

Going to have to find some way to bring in some more money... we just can't keep going like we have been.

Your prayers are so appreciated. And your friendship.