Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little update...

more to come after today...

Joe sees the oncologist today. It's been over a month now (well, 4 weeks?) since he got the first go round of beads... They'll be running a CEA to see where his cancer markers stand (they were over 2000 when he had the first implantation). I'm excited, and nervous, to see where we're at!

We thought they were going to do another scan before treating the left lobe, but I reckon' not... Joe got a call last week, and we're set up to head downtown Friday morning for the procedure! I reckon' after 3 or so weeks, THEN they'll do a scan... see what can be seen. I'm thinking a PET, since that seems to be more accurate as far as LIVE tumors.

All of this is really exciting... knowing that there's got to be good results... that the cancer can NOT fight and mutate around the radiation... I can't wait to see how good of results we've gotten so far. Praying, praying... I'll update just as soon as I know something tonight!

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