Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Praise Report!!!

The PA had Joe's CEA (cancer marker count) run after we were there last Wednesday...

I think I'd mentioned before how last time downtown the PA had talked about us taking a vacation, or Joe taking Peanut fishing... making memories... and how our first chemo nurse we had had come up and asked "How ARE you doing?" and told me that if Joe DID get the acne stuff, that that doesn't mean that the new meds are working... And then Wednesday Donna, our favorite nurse, had come out before we left and just HUGGED and kissed us both... HARD. Joe was even saying, "Does she know something I don't know?"

Well, Friday I called Donna... and she was busy, so told me to call her back... Then before I got a chance, the phone rang... answering machine came on. "Susan, it's Donna... pick up the damn phone!" Oh gosh... I was even scareder (LOL!) then. "Sit down!" she says... Okay... I'm ready to fuke! "77.8"... "Do you remember what Joe's cancer markers were when they did them in June or July?" "Ummm... almost 700..." "Yep, 693... they're down to 77.8." "Ohmygosh... OHMYGOSH!" "Yeah... when I pulled them, I couldn't wait for you to call back, I had to call you."

OhjoyinthemorningblessedJesusthankyouthankyouPraisetheLord!!! WE'RE IN THE DOUBLE DIGITS AGAIN!!! First time in over a year! Yes, Yes, YES!!! The Erbitux is kickin' cancer BUTT! Just prayin' prayin' that the #'s keep going down... Who knows? Maybe our Christmas gift this year will be a reading of 5 (which is normal)!!! I called Joe and told him... We're still just both super elated.

Praise God... we're back on a roll! We've been so due some good news... Hoping that this is JUST the beginning! Yay God!

I've not forgotten you, Terri! I've got a couple things I'm finishing up to update my Photobucket account, then I'll email you a link. Hugs!!! (*"*)


JulyG319 said...

HOT DANG & HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very thrilled for you both! I hope you get a single digit soon!! You so both clearly deserve it!

Enormous hugs from Colorado!!!! =D

Buggie_Girl said...

Thanks Julie! Getting ready to head into our 3rd year of this... Third times a charm, right? Praying we get our Christmas miracle this year... remission!!! It's a possibility!!!

Hugs back to you! Susan

tlc313 said...

Susan, Praise God, I am so happy to hear this and so grateful to God for the miracle healing that Joe is receiving. You and Joe have remained strong and steadfast in your faith and God honors that. God brought you two together and you have been Joe's rock.
Don't worry about the pictures, I totally understand and I look forward to seeing them when you get the chance.
Take care Susan, you are in my prayers and I know God is not through with the many blessings for you and Joe!

HUG's, <3 <3
Terri @(^_^)@ (monkey face -lol)

@--;- (suppose to be a rose)

Buggie_Girl said...

Thanks Terri! Sorry I've not been back sooner, but I've been finishing up on our Jack and Jill bath... I'm determined to get as far as I can through this house by year's end... My biggest obstacle is money, but ain't that ever'body's obstacle right now? I've got most of my pics updated... I'll shoot you the link to my Photobucket account, maybe later today. Hugs! Susan