Friday, June 25, 2010

"Dear" 林志宏

For you, and any others who are trying to post the pornography on my blog... save yourself the trouble... I've begun to moderate the posts, unfortunately because this has come up a few times over the past several months. It took me awhile to catch on to it, with all the stuff that's been going on. I mean, who would think that somebody would do something so unnecessary and uncouth on a forum where a person has been pouring out their heart and soul over a horrible situation in their life? I do this mostly for myself... to vent... and to update anybody that's actually still following our going ons... Please take yourself and your trash elsewhere.

To anybody else who's reading... please accept my apologies for the trash that's ended up here. In my naivety, I just kind of figured that anybody posting replies were being sincere... whether they were posted in English or Chinese, or whatever... As I'm now moderating posts, I'm hoping to keep the stuff from coming through anymore. (*"*)


JulyG319 said...

How horrible! I'm sorry you had such nasty stuff posted on your blog.
I'm still keeping up on things, just not replying as much.
I hope that today is a good day for you and that you no longer get those icky posts!

Terri said...

Hi Susan,
I had no idea that you were going through something like this. That is really crazy that someone would do something like that, I never noticed anything except the chinese writing, which I had no idea what it meant and I thought it was strange that someone would type a message that you might not be able to even read. How did you find out they were doing that?
You know I figure if you're doing something good that might give God the glory then Satan is going to try to discourage you. Just know that you are doing everything right and that God is getting ready to move in your life and that is why things like that happen. If Satan can bring anger in your mind and take your mind off of God then that is what he is going to try to do. Just praise God and rebuke Satan because Satan WILL have to FLEE in the name of JESUS!
I just got my computer working again, so this is the first day I was able to check anything. My power cord quit working so I have not had a computer for almost two weeks. I had assumed that the reason you had not posted was because Joe was doing well and you did not have nothing to add. I will pray harder that Joe will go into remission or better yet get a complete healing. You are always in my prayers and I really want things to be alright for you and Joe. Keep up the FAITH!! :)

God Bless always,

Buggie_Girl said...

I don't know... they must not read English very well, or they're just NOT very smart. 2-3 times now since I posted that I'm monitoring the posts, they've tried to post more trash. Lovely. I'll just keep shooting them down! (*"*)