Friday, March 5, 2010

Figured I needed to update...

We DID end up coming to the hospital... and we're still here. Trying to figure out the diarrhea... trying to get the diarrhea stopped...

Joe's been losing so much of his nutrients due to the loss of fluids, so they've been pumping him full... Saline, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus... He's over acidic, so he's getting sodium bicarbonate in his saline, as well as pills two times a day... and more.

He lost his appetite due to the Flagyl that the PA had prescribed. He has a hard time eating some things since he's had the sores in his mouth (and apparently throat) due to the chemo. I've tried sweet talking, threatening... Sometimes he'll eat a bit for me, sometimes not. Frustrating.

Tomorrow will make a week since he got himself admitted. I spent 3 night sleeping in a recliner... then Joe got mad at me and made me go home Tuesday night. I came back Wednesday tho... with a couple bags of foods that I know that he likes and will eat, when he can.

Right now, he's napping. We had a looong night last night. Supper was beef stroganoff... it was very good... until about 11:30-12 last night. I got diarrhea... he got worse diarrhea... we were tripping over each other getting to a bathroom. Fortunately, there is a public bathroom just outside our door. We were double timing. It went on until about 4 this morning. From 4 to about 7:30 we were finally sleeping, and they came to take him down for an xray. He JUST got settled back down around 10. He's napping good now, and hopefully will be able to rest pretty good the rest of the day.

Sis and my Lochy Buggie Girl will be here around noon to visit a bit, then I think Mom and Dad may come up later tonight. Our Friendly Neighbors have been up two nights in a row... Gary's been really worried about Joe. They is brothers from another mother.

That said, I should get off of here and make sure I'm ready when the girls get here. Just keep us in your prayers... this isn't a pleasant time...


tlc313 said...

Susan, I hope you don't mind me writing sometimes because I realize you have no idea who I am. I am not even sure how I came across your blog, I know I saw blogs listed on google and I had thought that maybe I would start writing one myself. When I came across yours I didn't go any further and you and Joe have become part of my thoughts and prayers. I always wish there was something I could do and the only thing I know to do is pray for both of you. I feel you have shown such strength, commitment and compassion and I know God will take care of you. I read a verse that made me think of you.

"No matter how steep the mountain, the Lord is going to climb it with you.
- Helen Steiner Rice

Take care, my prayers are with you and if there is something I can do please tell me and I will try the best I can.


Buggie_Girl said...

Terri, I don't mind a bit. Some of my best friends are folks I've met on the net... as far away as California... and tho I'll never see them face to face in person, they're as near and dear to my heart as those right next to me. I think God is Internet savvy and allows us to make connections we might not otherwise get to make... forge friendships we might not otherwise have. Your thoughts and prayers are a blessing to us, and we thank you.

That verse is perfect! I've got a song on a Randy Travis CD that's become my mantra... This is the chorus...

He never promised that the cross would not get heavy, or the hill would not be hard to climb.

He never offered victory without fighting, he said help would always come in time.

So remember when you're standing in the Valley of Decision, and the adversary says, "Give in." Just hold on, our Lord will show up, and He will take you through the fire again.

I'll put that on repeat and just listen to it over and over. No matter what, He is always right there.

He's been there this time too... Joe was really scaring me. He was ready to just give up here about 2 weeks ago. Stop the treatment and just lay down and die. Our church had a sermon on "Why aren't you dead yet?" If you're not dead, God has a plan for you that you've yet to fulfill. Joe took that to heart. He's decided he's not through living yet. Praise the Lord! I told him, I can't make him not give up... only he knows how much more he can take with the treatment and all of the side effects. I don't want to loose him prematurely tho, so I'm glad he's still aiming to fight. No matter what he ever decides, I'm here for him.

Things are on the upswing, it seems... Joe's getting stronger, the diarrhea is still there, but it's not as frequent. And he's started eating better... Praise be! I'm hoping, and praying, that he'll be well enough to get out of here by Monday. I've had about as much of the "Roper (name of the hospital) Hilton as I can stand.)

Well, it's about bedtime... so I'm going to get my last minute things done before I crawl in between the sheets.

Thanks again, Terri... you're a dear! (*"*)